Digital Marketing and Content Marketing can be called synonymous to each other. They are both meant to drive the sales of your business, and amplify your business’s online presence.

Though Digital Marketing encompasses the bigger picture of social media platforms, Search Engine display networks, and all off-page optimisations; yet Content Marketing is totally about the written or displayed material that you use for marketing your business.

It is always better to understand the basics of Content Marketing, without comparing or connecting it with other Digital Marketing terminologies. 
The importance of content marketing is increasing day by day, when it comes to building the online presence of your business.

** Content Marketing is a very old and popular concept, used to promote or advertise a certain entity or idea. One can even consider the Announcements of early days Heralds, or Sir Benjamin Franklin’s Almanacs, or the very first prints of NewsPaper Classified Advertisements! They are all good examples of Content Marketing. 
Only today, Content Marketing has become more of a Digital Multimedia product; rather than the usage of physical parchments, brochures, or flyers!

The online traffic feeds on information:

Content is what internet is made up of. Every bit of information is a content. Be it an image, a paragraph text, a video, a clip, or a series of codes!

They are all content.

And, the online traffic of the internet, survives on the flow of content (or information in other words).

If your business needs to work well in this internet sphere, then it must provide adequate amount of information to its visitors! 
Which is only possible with the help of right content marketing strategies.

Due to the high demand for content, coming from a huge amount of search traffic; you must be creating your share of content to satisfy the need of your visitors.

Content Marketing is made up of two most basic steps:

The creation of an optimised content:

Content Optimisation tallies with Search Engine Optimisation, and together make up the SEO Content Creation.

Your website contents, or any other contents you generate to market your business over the internet, need to be suitable for the Search Engines.

Search Engines index the content- spread all across the internet, to curate search results for the web traffic.

With more days passing by, the internet is getting more populated with websites and information. If you still think that you can simply put up a business website, with only one or two pages of content, and expect visibility growth; then you are absolutely wrong.

Hence creating keyword focused, sentiment driven well optimised Content is a big priority. Moreover it is not only the typed content, or the media that matters. An overall SEO based web design goes along with too!

Promoting the content to the right audience:

Now, let’s say you are ready with your content. But how will you get it to reach interested and potential leads??

It is the whole package that counts! The Content, the Optimisation, and the Platforms of course (like the website, the social media channels and so on).

Each of your content is supposed to attract a certain set of audiences. If it is your plain Web Page Content; then it is meant to serve the whole internet traffic!

If it is a social media post that is promoting teen-age wear and gear (made by your business), then the post must be made to attract young audiences of age 15-20!

And, accordingly the content of this specific post will be created to connect with these youngsters! The content, showed on this post, will be very different than the content showed on the business’s official service page contents!

So, here’s the take away: Create Content based on its target audience; then market the content to those audiences by doing rapid sharing and following ethical Digital Marketing Methods.

People encourage reviews and product descriptions:

Whenever it comes to businesses, you can’t do without testimonials and service/product descriptions.

Let me give you one simple example. Consider the E-commerce platform of amazon. When you do some shopping over there, it is customary that you will be brushing up the product specifications and the below mentioned reviews.

Only when you are satisfied with the whole look and feel of the featured product, will you be purchasing it! With respect to that, your satisfaction comes a lot from the past user reviews!

All reviews, testimonials, and product information are very useful pieces of content, that when organised and optimised will give high yielding visibility results for your website.

By now, you must know that keywords are the genes of content! They define what a content is about. 
Now, reviews and product descriptions contain a huge amount of information about a business. If a good combination of key words can be inserted in these pieces of texts, then you are taking the level of content marketing to a whole another standard.

Sometimes, the best testimonials deserve a separate bookmarking and sharing of it’s own. They are, let’s say, so brilliant that they can easily make vibrant social media posts and clips.

Take these reviews and do the sharing! Just modify them a bit, proofread, and post them with nice shiny captions full of hashtags! Your Content Marketing has got a boost, right there!

** For every business to survive online, it must pay serious attention to creating and marketing the content. Contents must maintain relevancy, and should provide valuable information to visitors; instead of only push selling or force promoting a service or product.
Content Marketing is the art, and Digital Marketing is the engineering! They both can create wonders together, but only if you use them to their fullest! The importance of Content Marketing is only increasing every day, as more business are wanting to capture their share of the market!
And, Internet offers the biggest market for a business to perform.

Content marketing relies a lot on Blog Posts:

Many websites skip on running a blog section. This is like not using a huge arena of Content Marketing.

Blog sections carry the highest amount of information about a website. They are enriched with keywords, and are worthwhile to share and bookmark.

Blogs give visitors a room to. Play on your website.

On top of that, you need to design your contents in such a way that they are inter connected with each other.

Here are a few Blog Content Marketing tips to follow:

For businesses selling products and offering services:

One blog post per product or service is a must.

Then we can keep on adding blog posts, which are totally meant to provide information to the visitors, rather than directly marketing the products or services.

The more information you add, people can trust your business more. They will understand that this website is authentic, and listens to the need of its customers.

Do initial stage sharing:

You should believe in hitting the iron when it’s hot.

Similarly, when you publish a blog post on your website, you should be immediately doing some sharing and bookmarking.

This immediately gives your blog post the initial content marketing boost.

Follow up on the blog posts:

Comments on blog posts are another great way to infuse keywords, and they make up a big portion of Content Marketing.

Often times comments come from real and organic traffic. If you regularly reply back to the comments on your blog posts, then you strengthen the fan base.

You must realise that content marketing is about increasing the visibility of the displayed content on your website.  
That includes blog posts, home page content, social media posts, testimonials, reviews, and everything you wish to include.

Optimising the content is the first part. Diversification comes next. And, finally comes the additional promotion you require to make your content reachable and indexable.

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