Building a website is both easy and tough. This duality comes from the user traffic behaviour in the world of internet.

These days, you can simply subscribe to any web hosting service, and get a fully decorated website and domain in no time. However, that’s not adequate enough to stand out in the huge rush of the online competition.

Your website must be having an SEO friendly web design framework, to function well in the world wide web.

Search Engines need to index your site without any difficulty, people need to find your website with a few clicks, and your website needs to rank well than other competitor sites.

That’s only possible if you build a search engine friendly website.

This post is meant to show you the most important SEO friendly web design techniques, which you can implement right about now; be it you are building your site, or you have already built it.

Here’s how to do Search Engine Optimisation for your website:

  1. At first, aim to build a device friendly website:

All device formats deserve the same level of priority, when you are designing your website.

Many web developers argue that one must build the desktop version first and then, a few months later, the mobile version can come along. 
But no! 

The majority of people use tablets and mobiles to access most of the online information. Hence, invest the time and effort to come up with all versions, at nearly the same time.

SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your website. Guess you can understand why this point is so crucial!

  • Provide a simple site architecture:

Your website should be indexable, and navigable. All your webpages must be interconnected with each other very well.

All search engines want to see a website that has a simple architecture. And, there shouldn’t be any hidden webpages, or broken links. Like, all the webpages should be accessible from the home page. One need not have to enter the page url separately to navigate into it.

Also, don’t forget to provide a sitemap as well. Search Engines, especially Google, love to see sitemaps. 

And, not to mention, all users want to go through a sitemap too. It helps them find their page of choice without wasting much time.

  • Fresh and original content:

Content will always remain the king. It is the key to a perfectly accomplished SEO friendly web design.

Your content defines your website.

Make sure that your content is fresh, unique, and original. Of course you will be gathering insights and information, from other websites, for creating your content; but in the end, it has to be your own.

False, spun, plagiarised, misinterpreted, and misleading content will only pull down the rank of your website, on every search engine result page.

  • Never misuse Robots.txt:

This is critical.

Robots.txt is used to mask webpages and content on your website. It tells search engines not to crawl or index a certain portion of your website.

And, this is where many developers make the biggest mistake possible. Quite often, we get to see misused Robots.txt that bars search engines from crawling very important pages, on a website.

This lowers the ranks, decreases user traffic, and search engines will never show it to the online user presence; no matter how integral this page or information is.

Therefore, be very careful while using the Robots.txt. Believe it or not, it’s only good to be used for the admin page. Otherwise, you might omit it altogether, if you really don’t need it.

  • Provide alt texts and transcriptions:

The problem comes with images and videos. Normal content on the website, can be easily accessed by search engines. But, they don’t understand images or videos.

Yet, you want your multimedia content to boost the website too.

In that case, you should be using keyword enriched alt text, for all of the images; and full length transcriptions for every single video, on your website.

Once Search Engines find out the texts, behind every multimedia file, they will start to index it, and show it to users when they search for similar information on the internet.

  • You can even become a part of the display network:

Every Search Engine encourages to list websites on their own promotional network. Google is the biggest preacher of this technique.

Google Display Network is a diverse marketing arena that you can be a part of.

On top of enriching your website with SEO friendly web design, you should also pay attention to the Google’s very own display network.

Your site’s visibility is bound to increase, and Google ads will do the best it can to promote your website to a wider audience, once you enter the network

Search Engine Optimisation is a time-taking process of building your site’s rank. Start implementing the above strategies today, to see faster results.

All the best!