The number of ‘Youtubers’ are increasing at a fast pace. Every influencer, artist, and business owner, have at-least one youtube channel.

The competition is pretty high among the Youtubers of the same niche and genres. And, the aim is to stand out of the crowd, in your own unique way, with your youtube channel.

This post is developed after long research work, initiated by experts and professionals, who have been working in the field of digital marketing video promotion, for decades.

Hence, the end result is a well assembled blog post, dealing with very simple tricks and hacks, showing you the solid ways to promote your youtube channel.

It is recommended that you start applying all the methods, discussed in this post, right away; without wasting much of your time. Youtube video promotion, and channel marketing is a product of time.

Believe it or not, every second counts. There’s nothing called tomorrow, in the arena of Youtube channel promotion. You can’t afford to wait!

Here are the Expert’s ways to promote your youtube channel:

  1. Start with videos that speak what people want to hear:

People only take what they are accustomed to.

No matter what we say, how modern we will become, people will always remain scared of ‘Change’. It’s very hard to accept a new genre, new material, new concept, or per se a new business.

It will take time to install something new, in the hearts of the general mass. It is hard to get recognition with completely new – ‘out of the box’ materials.

It is always better to grab the audiences’ attention, with videos that speak what they want / or are  accustomed to hear.

Do a bit of research on the popular channels of your niche. Look at the subjects, they are dealing with. Grow your audience, offering videos quite similar to their subjects.

Once you have a significant amount of followers/subscribers, it is then time to roll the dice for something new.

Now you are free to experiment, and bring up new concepts and contents. First increase the brand value a little, then will you get the scope to promote new materials.

It’s just building the platform, the footing; nothing else!! You can work with unheard materials, right from the beginning, but there’s no guarantee that you will not get frustrated with the slow growth of your channel!

  • Regular video uploads:

This factor is overlooked by many Youtubers.

Content is the key to success. Every time your channel gives a new video, it gets a boost; and engagement occurs.

Every video is like a wave. Hit the shore with a continuous series of waves. Only then can you capture attention.

If you do a bit of research on the popular channels of Youtube, you can see that these Youtubers got famous by coming up with new videos every week, if not every day.

And, if you can follow a fixed schedule for your video uploads, then it’s the best.

The general viewer traffic will become aware of your schedule, and will come to your channel accordingly for new videos.

  • Monitor your traffic and target audiences accordingly: 

You are encouraged to work on Youtube Studio, for monitoring your traffic and gathering insights on your audiences.

This way, you get to know the demographic and locations of your audiences. You will understand which, of your videos, are most sought after; what age group is most interested in your content; in what parts of the country, or the world, are your videos gaining popularity; and many other important insights such as audience retention, and so on.

Continuous monitoring will always open up new ways to promote your youtube channel, since you will get to know what changes to make in your strategies!

  • Develop a cross-platform social presence:

You need to spread out, with your content.

Upload your videos on every possible social media platform, you have access to.

And, all these profiles and channels should provide backlinks to each other. Connectivity is very important when you want to market your youtube channel.

So, the same video needs to get uploaded on Youtube, IGTV, Facebook, Reddit, Vimeo, etc. 

Saturation is very important. You need to bring in traffic from every door, open to you.

  • Don’t compete with other Youtubers:

Competition is the biggest mistake you can commit on Youtube.

In-fact you should be interested in building relationships with other Youtubers. You support them, they support you back.

You can’t reign the scene alone. Collaboration is mandatory.

Therefore, instead of competing with, and defaming other channels; invite the other youtubers to collaborate on the special videos of yours.

Your traffic will definitely increase.

  • Believe in Google paid campaigns:

Guess, nothing can beat the potential of Google paid campaign. On top of working your way up the ladder, using the previous explained ways to promote your youtube channel, you can run a video ad campaign from Google ads.

It will increase your channel’s visibility fast and steadily. If you can create your campaigns with the right amount of research and targeting, then your channel will grow in no time.

Use this method, if you want to invest some bucks for marketing your channel.

  • Use hashtags and tags to generate organic search traffic:

Each video must come with a detailed description. And, every description must contain the necessary Hashtags and Tags.

Tags will define the genre and category of your video. While, Hashtags will help your videos reach out to the interested audiences.

Both are important for your channel’s promotion. 

Our blog section will come up with a completely dedicated post on the subject of Hashtags and Tags. Stay tuned for that.

On the final note,

All we can say is, it takes time to grow your channel.

Apply these ways to promote your youtube channel today, for getting optimum results tomorrow.

Don’t forget to post your thoughts below, in the comments section. We are always here to help you out, with any query that you might have.