It is 21st century. People define peoples.

Today marketing campaigns have crossed limitless boundaries, to make us believe in the power of words and visuals. Innovative digital marketing campaigns are everywhere, where brands are rushing in to make the most out of promotions.

One such amazing digital marketing strategy is the implementation and use of social influencers in marketing.

Human psychology has always showed that we rely on and believe in the faces we adore. Social influencers are therefore ranked as the people’s choice. These influencers drive the type of contents, most people like to see in their day to day life.

Should you be using social influencers for marketing your products and services? 

Or just use the golden game of paid Digital promotions?

Le’s get the facts rolling!

Social influencers may not generate huge leads (oops a big red alert)!:

Nearly all social influencers want their own brands and channel to flourish. This is a raw truth. If you regularly follow the influencer’s brand collaboration posts, you will get to know that.

First of all, social media influencers pop up every now then. Majority of them have an average follower range of 50K to 200K.

They just want to earn a name in the hustle and bustle of social media platforms.

Most of the comments, on their posts, fuss about them only! Probably, once or twice, a few of their followers might actually check out the advertised products!

And for this to happen, you have to spend loads on hiring them.

You can actually reach double the number of people, for the same amount, using Google Ads or Youtube ads.

They have a big fan base:

But, here’s the real big deal.

Social influencers have dedicated followers. Even though quite a lot of influencers pay to buy followers, still a significant number of them are organic and true.

If you can play the tough game of attracting these fan bases to your brands, then your business will definitely see a steep rise!

Always remember these wise words, if you have planned on to make use of social influencers in marketing. 

Use influencers to catch their fan base, their followers; and not to sell your products or services. 

The key factor in marketing, is to grab the audience’s attention. It’s not just about selling, it’s more of making the people realise that your brand exists.

If anytime, anything the people need, they can approach your brand! It’s this simple sense of reliability, that truly matters.

This takes us to our next point.

They can boost your brand value with time:

You don’t need social influencers for a single promotion. You need them for long. You have to consider them as your brand ambassadors.

Get your products and services, featured in their profile, regularly. Only when people see that the person they trust, is trusting a certain brand, will they begin to trust that brand.

And once you can gain the trust, will your brand flourish!

Hence, do believe in this line: that consistent use of influencers will definitely boost your brand value in the long run! 
However, it will take time, no doubt!

So, should you make the use of Social Influencers in marketing?

Do you believe in the old saying of Diversification?

Your marketing portfolio should be diversified. Don’t exhaust all the time and money on social influencers only. Never under-estimate the power of paid search engine and social media promotions.

Pick up 2 or 3 social influencers, falling under your niche, and then make them advertise your products periodically. Consider it a long term affair. Like, 15 – 20 posts in a period of 6 months. Don’t choose mega influencers, straightaway; it will become a very costly deal.

Influencers with a following of 200K to at max 500K, are good to begin with. Now get a stream line of collab posts running. A contract of one or two years, with potential influencers, is a good bargain!

Therefore, without any second thought, it is surely beneficial to make use of social influencers in marketing. Just keep the above mentioned points, in mind!