It’s a universal truth, that young minds are the hardest to impress. That too when young creative minds are at work together. The constant peer strength that pushes each-other’s ability to create new boundaries, is simply a miracle.

Velarudh’s team of crystal perfectionist graphic designers have come up with a total 2 years review, of the whole Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

And, here’s what one of our very own bright mind is saying.

“We are never satisfied with a software’s progress. We design, what we think and dream has the power to change the trend.

I started using Adobe Creative Cloud, since the time it was primarily hosted on Amazon Web Service. Then Adobe shifted the Suite onto Microsoft Azure.

The honest opinion, which I firmly hold, is that Adobe could have served us with a lighter software load. 

Most of the apps still crash, at some point or the other.  Sharing is still shaky, even with the whole cloud sync process.

However, Adobe still remains Adobe; and majority of our Graphic Designing projects are running on Adobe Cloud Suite.

Even then, I encourage my team to work on Final Cut, for most of the high-end deadline oriented Video processes and edits.

Final Cut Pro has the full potential to outrun Adobe, when it comes to the handy approach for editing pro-level videos and motion graphics – on the move. You can simply complete the project on Mac, and add the titles or texts on your i-Phone.
This freedom of taking your projects, anywhere you want to and on any device, is simply lacking; even after Adobe now offers software bundles and easy content syncs.


I can only remember the lyrics of Deep Purple’s ‘You Can’t Do It Right’.

“You can’t do it right
With the one you love
Nothing you can do
Without the one you love”

Guess, with Adobe Creative Cloud, the situation’s pretty much the same. Being a part of an esteemed IT company, we use the business bundle of Creative Cloud.

Some months, we don’t even use all the hosted apps. It is then do we get to realise, how costly an Adobe subscription can be.

Yet, Adobe still remains the powerhouse with an experienced framework that let’s you do all you want!”

………………………………………….. Soham M (Graphics Design Team co-ordinator and senior Designer at Velarudh.)

The opinions are nothing different from our other in-house Graphics Designers, who are constantly working on innovative designs and illustrations.

It’s for this reason do we promote the use of both Adobe Suite and other softwares as well, for all of our projects!

So, what do you say?

Should you go for the Creative Cloud bundle? Or should you totally shift to some other platform, altogether?

Well Adobe for designers, is synonymous to Guitar for Guitarists. Adobe has always hold the position as one of the most advanced Graphics Designing platform, for both beginners and professionals.

In-fact, nearly all amateurs in the arena of Graphics Designing start their journey with Adobe suit. This is also a factor, why many other popular designing tools imitate the Adobe interface. 

If you ask us, then we seriously encourage to make use of a mixture of designing tools. It makes no sense to subscribe to the whole Cloud Suite, if you are only going to use Photoshop, or Premier Pro!

Thus, if you work on Mac-OS, then rarely will you need other video editing softwares.

But, Photoshop is a must have!

It is the mother of all designing tools!

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