We always want to expand our opportunities, and move the bar higher by trying out different methods and tactics to affirm our growth and success.

Even though 2020 saw a downside curve, with Covid-19 rampaging the world and eliminating a significant amount of our human population, Information Technology started to find more usage and prospect in these troubled times.

All small businesses and retail units moved into the digital sphere, and therefore started to experiment with new digital marketing techniques.

The competition, in this virtual world, has become more crude and complicated. All those businesses, who relied on offline marketing campaigns to attract local customers, have now understood the power of digital marketing.

They are now able to reach out to a wider audience, and make more sells online; than they were able to do offline.

Amidst all these, Social media Platforms are outshining all Digital Marketing methodologies. Social Media is fast; has a lucid User Interface; ad campaigns cost is significantly lower; and you have the freedom to see real-time-engagement with detailed insights.

This article can only justify the importance of Social Media in 2021 and then after. And, it is completely upto you, how you want to make use of this lucrative digital marketing option.
But, if you don’t make use of Social Media to market your profile and business; then you are only falling behind, to be certain.

5 reasons to prove the importance of Social Media Marketing, as in and after 2021:

Social Media Platforms got merged:

Mark Zuckerberg is the king of Social Media. We all have to admit it. 

After bagging in Instagram and WhatsApp, and then merging it in the Facebook banner; he has moved the whole social media environment into a unified structure.

Instagram and Facebook now functions together, with both the messengers providing cross-platform interface.

Even WhatsApp is now taken up by Facebook; which gives you the freedom to easily find contacts, on all the platforms, using just phone numbers.

So you can now easily pitch clients, promote contents, and broadcast messages seamlessly on all the platforms.

Needless to say, cross-platform sharing options are now available on all your social media handles. Make a tweet there, share a photo here, or save a post to get back to it afterwards; all can be done from one place, at one go, with just a click!

Payment setups are diversified:

This is a major update on all the popular social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has all payment setups, to help you boost your content more freely than before.

Be it credit or debit cards, Paytm or Paypal, UPI or Google Pay, and all that you can name of. This is a brilliant upgradation for those wanting to run promotional ad campaigns for their business.

Even WhatsApp is now about to give a total upgrade to its version, where all users will be able to make payments from the app. Already a big section of existing WhatsApp users are enjoying the benefits of the payment system.

On top of that, if you are someone who’s running the whole business on the power of social media; then ad campaigns are your only way to survive, no matter how hard you try to bring organic traffic.

Now, with these easy payment setups, your campaigns are surely a lot faster to run!

More media sharing options:

The world is never going to be like 2019, post 2020. 

And 2021 will see a modified era of digital marketing, as people are more concerned about leaving their homes after being scared off by the pandemic.

The use of wall posters, leaflets, banners, and hoardings are already on the fall. If the streets are empty, who will see the ads?

Plus, physical campaigns are limited by location and demographies.

When you take the game online, you are speedily expanding your audience reach! We now have Reels, IGTV, Youtube, Status and Stories, Slider posts, and many more content modes to experiment with.

You can tag the special persons on your post; make creative short videos about your products and services; or send an infographic, on messengers. Your content can now be created with more effects and sharing options.

Why not use all of them, at a free of cost??!

More solid platforms for Artists:

Social media is heaven for Artists of all backgrounds. Whether you are making music, selling beats, showcasing visual arts, doing photoshoots, or have your own dance troop; social media marketing is the only way you can grab peoples’ attention.

And, to your relief, you can share your works for free; and can then earn money from them by gaining huge engagements.

Plus you can also do inter-platform linking on your posts; say for example you released an album on Spotify, then you can share the link with an intro track on Instagram Stories, WhatsApp status, or Facebook for instance.

The same thing happens when you share a video, or a well edited photo that you call your Magnum Opus!

More businesses offering 24/7 support on social media:

Social media is a world open to all. Many business already handle client feedbacks and reviews, and offer round-the-clock support on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or Twitter.

Who doesn’t want a free portal to offer services? With instant calling and messaging options, added on the ‘live broadcast/session feature’; social media truly gives businesses the capacity to serve clients even better.

Social Media is no more a place only for making friends and connecting with your loved ones.

It is now a hub, full of possibilities, that gives freedom of expression, and infinite multimedia sharing options.

It is only foolish to question the importance of social media, while standing in these ‘post Covid-19’ rabid times!