With Salt Lake, Sector 5, Kolkata having become the leading arena of IT and Software solutions, in Eastern India; choosing the right Digital Marketing Company is a work of minutely understanding your needs.

Velarudh Infotech has helped professionals decide, on their standing needs and wants, what digital marketing projects should they invest in.

With the quote traffic we get, for completely unique businesses with their respective digital marketing needs; we thought of sharing our fact-check with all those businesses wanting to digitise their profile.

Kolkata ranks among the top IT hubs of India. It’s a very simple deduction, that a majority of Asian, European, and US clients, rush in with their deadline oriented projects for a speedy completion.

So, here’s what you must consider before approaching a good Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata, India.

What’s the pep-talk feeling like?

As you sit down with the company to outline your project specifications, how confident are the executives or the co-ordinators sounding?

Are they willing to give you better solutions, or are plainly consenting to all that you are saying? 

You must remember that the right consultancy will tend to open up more doors, for your business, rather than making you feel that you were right from the beginning!

If the digital marketing companies can’t show you better options, then you should be never working with them.

There’s always room for improvement, and digital marketing is no different.

Here’s a small exemplar: 

When we, at Velarudh, evaluate projects, we first look for the loopholes in the client’s plan. We do so, because business owners need not necessarily be SEO or digital sales experts!

If they all were, then they would not have wanted software and digital marketing companies to hire.

Hence it is mandatory that the company, you are choosing, has better opinions, better prospects, and better strategies, in store for you.

The company must show you a path to a higher ROI, at the right market price! 

The word ‘price’ leads us to our next fact-check.

What’s the Quote sounding like?

Digital Marketing is costly. Labour cost involved, in making a project stand out post Coronavirus Crash, has increased to some extent.

It is encouraged, among all Digital Marketing Companies and agencies, to maintain a standard pricing for a balanced flow of work.

And, the situation has become tighter, with both the heightened demand for Digital Marketing and the boiling competition among all the software companies.

The quote that you are getting should reflect an authentic company portfolio, with an eagerness to excel and keep promises.

Both very low and very high rates are a red alert. There are either chances that the company has marginal confidence, or is trying to defraud you.

Plus these days, Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing services are falling under subscription based packages.

There’s no one-time-pay.

You pay for the amount and length of services you need. Let’s say you want to promote your social media profile, for 3 to 4 months straights. You will then have to renew your subscription, each month, till you terminate the services.

A standard website has a well hosted Blog section and equally uplifting social media handles. These all come under continuous services with regular content uploads.

Hence, go through the Quote process precisely, and discuss everything inside out!

What’s the diversification?

Digital Marketing projects feed on a diversified strategy outline!

Only the perfect mix of organic SEO, natural engagement, and paid promotions, can provide an ultimate solution.

The company, you are looking for, must have a robust infrastructure to facilitate a 360 degree digital marketing solution.

Check whether or not, they boast of experienced social media handlers; they have intelligent ad  campaign creators; and have an in-house team of efficient content developers.

If the ticks are going green, then you can hire the company!

What’s the key-takeaway then?

A promise to bring in authentic online leads for your business, is what a company’s digital marketing services should offer.

Not every digital marketing company in Kolkata is a top position holder. There are several other Start-Ups, and new ventures as well, who can truly give you an unparalleled digital marketing service.

A face-to-face conversation with the project managers and executives, is a must.

And cross-check the above discussed points, with the company, before you make a decision!

Wishing you the very best, for boosting your online presence!