It is a vague question to ask, why you must have a strong online presence.

21st century has seen an upsurge in Information Technology. We are witnessing the rise of digital computation, smart hand-held devices, and advanced internet infrastructure. We are forced to dangle in the knitted universe of data and information.

In this age of digital revolution; if you opt out from having your own strong digital presence, then you are simply not being a part of the progressive human civilization.

You will be missing out on great opportunities, a great audience, and a great deal of future prospects. 

The online world is the real picture of mass participation of people, coming from all corners of the universe.

Call it the Market, the Seminar, or the Conference. It is the biggest engagement you can ever imagine.

Your business or your interests can be exposed to a huge traffic and more diverse faces, in the internet sphere; which is impossible to do on the offline physical carpet.

Google is presently the ruler of Internet browsing and data procurement. Google’s database is unmatched, and has access to deep drives of critical information. It won’t be a false statement completely, if we are to say that Google knows everyone and everything! 

On the other hand, we have Facebook- who is the social media giant, and has access to nearly the same amount of information and public record like Google.

Here’s the summary described in 2 points, for why you should build your very own digital presence; especially on Google and Facebook.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in school or university, are salaried, or own your own business, or work on your own art and creations; you must be available online.

It’s essential that you have your own online identity and digital presence.

Google is big data:

Even though Google started off as a search engine, it has turned out to become the cosmic level information center.

It is creating Artificial Intelligence, with neural technology; it is dedicated towards the processing of Big Data for the benefit of human civilization and knowledge.

World maps, in their most detailed state; weather reports; real time stock market news; endless media playbacks; world health and medical data; and truly what not! All these are monitored and processed by Google very extensively.

Once you actively participate in the Google environment, you will have access to a huge amount information. And the best part is, you get to connect with more number of people, ventures, opportunities, and organisations.

Your both personal and professional portfolio should have a G-mail account, and a website. Without these two you won’t be displayed to the public on Google.

So say you have your own Bakery, and want to promote the shop to a good number of people. By creating your own website and mail account, you can easily come in the Google search results, when people in your region search about ‘Bakery stores’!

Facebook- welcome the power of Social Media:

No one shies away from social media. We all have our accounts there, and remain active for nearly the whole day.

Facebook is the most popular of all social media platforms, and currently also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

So it is the only social media hub, one can say.

The amount of traffic that Facebook encounters is uncountable. If you want to promote your artworks, business services and products, or stream your own stations, then nothing can beat Facebook.

Both Google and Facebook are the key players of Internet. At Velarudh, we help you reach your goals in these two platforms, and other areas of internet. We implement Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing to help businesses achieve success and popularity.

Be a part of Velarudh, by dropping us a mail; and let us guide you to your strong digital presence.