Covid 19 pandemic has forced businesses to increase their online presence, and grab the attention of customers and clients through digital marketing strategies.

The future of sales and marketing, was always meant to thrive in the realm of the internet, rather than forever relying on wall-hanging posters and hoardings!

Covid 19 has only boosted this process, to such an extent, that nearly all businesses are now swarming into the sphere of digital marketing.

Offline stores are facing scheduled shut down phases; ‘social distancing’ mandates people to refrain from visiting shops and shopping malls; limited logistics disabled offline sales infrastructure; and most importantly, we still don’t know for how long will this pandemic drag itself!

In the midst of it all, each and every business is trying the level best to hold its footing!

If there’s anything good that Covid-19 has done, is strengthening the digital marketing infrastructure and making everyone realise that internet is our biggest power. 
Even though it’s a very stone cold remark to say, that Covid 19 has some positive aspects about it, still it’s ‘in-fact’ true that it has defined the future of online digital marketing!

Here are 4 eye catching points, which show how Covid-19 pandemic is increasing the dimension of Digital Marketing.

The dawn of the era of online events / webinars:

Gathering in masses, is no more allowed, all over the world since March 2020.

Several artists and professionals have hit the slope-road, due to the cutting down of events and concerts. Well, that was what it looked like in the beginning.

But then, the entertainment agencies came up with online events, shows, and webinars. And to their relief, they found out that it is actually easy and effective to market these online shows via digital marketing campaigns.

The campaigning only got simple with the use of social media and messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Messenger.

What good combination can we have, than an online event paired with an well optimised digital marketing ad campaign?! 
An easy sign-up page portal, embedded into the ads, made it very smooth to register interested audiences for the events.

Very few number of audiences are cancelling the registrations and tickets, as all they have to do is have a stable internet connection to get to the event (which the majority of the people have).

For the entertainment and media industry, Digital marketing is currently the only solution.

Small local businesses are going mobile via e-commerce:

Most of the local business were not operational, as Covid pandemic hit the world. Global Economy was shaken, and several small scale industries got shut down.

However, astonishingly, quite a good number of local shops and stores started to function online, and even increased their sales in such rough times. 

Of-course it was possible by building e-commerce websites, offering an efficient transaction portal, and a robust delivery system. 
But, what worked in the backdrop was a strong arena of digital marketing.

The local businesses started to shoot Ad campaigns, joined the Google Business Network, and increased their social media presence as well.

The local stores have confessed that digital marketing, and ad campaigns on various networks, helped boost their business in the middle of the pandemic.

Utilisation of Big Data, more than ever:

Digital marketing has always been backed by Big Data. With the ascension of Covid-19 pandemic, the future of digital marketing is now more promising, as more data is being retrieved by several organisations.

Local insights on user traffic, with demographic filtering, are now made lucid; which is tremendously useful, especially for businesses in the medicine and health-care sectors. 

Predictive analysis for targeted ad campaigns has become easy to proceed with; and data mapping softwares making all the effort to incorporate new pipeline systems to extract maximum information possible.

Guess, the work is only getting easier to market a product or service, to your preferred set of audiences and region.

Upsurge in online traffic:

With a huge percentage, of the global population, staying indoors; people are getting more active on the internet.

This is a big plus point for digital marketing, as we are seeing an upsurge in online traffic.

And, more people engaging online, will only help a business capture more attention by running display ads, or sharing newsletters.

On top of that, social media is one of the integral segments of digital marketing. One well advertised post on any social medial platform can bring in a huge traffic of visitors.

Thus, we can undoubtedly say that digital marketing is now having a more ‘audience reaching’ potential, than other conventional offline marketing strategies!

In conclusion,

This is the brief summary of the future of Digital Marketing, in the years to come:

  1. 1. Businesses will gain momentum in terms of social media presence.
  1. 2. We are expected to see more sponsored contents from businesses, through-out the internet.
  1. 3. Most of the businesses will be run online, with digital marketing being the only feasible way to reach out to customers and clients.
  1. 4. A rise in employment in the IT sector, due to an increased demand for content, web designs, and Analytics experts.
  1. 5. The Covid 19 pandemic has compelled every business to make full use of digital marketing. This notion is not fading away any time soon.

Hope, this post explains well that how important Digital Marketing has become, under the Covid 19 crisis!