It’s both easy and hard at the same time. You can visualise wonderful concepts, in your mind; and plan out all the intrinsic requirement, of your business, very minutely. But, only when you start to run the business, do you get the sense of hitting a wrong turn.

Most businesses find it difficult to manage projects, acquire clients, lead a stable man-power, and maintain the Account sheets.
This is the main reason behind the failure of so many potential Start-Ups and even Mid Level Organisations.

To organise and manage a business, is no kid’s play in an amusement park!

If you own the business, then you are at the center of the big game. You have to look after each and every factors, and take care of every member and employee of your organisation.
Not only that, you will also have to manually check each and every transaction record and cost documents.

Along with it, Marketing is another important dimension that you just can’t overlook. Your business can only flourish if you are giving promotion and digital presence a priority.

This total work pressure is on you; if you want to stand out from the millions of businesses that are popping up each day!
Your business deserve special attention!
Your business should have a strong management team, working dedicatedly to bring the best returns on the investments.

This is why you need an experienced Business Management Company, at the background of your business, so that you can focus on the growth planning solely!

What is Business Management? And, how Velarudh helps in managing your business?

Business Management is a broad term that encompasses every little process your business undergoes.
Be it managing the workforce, looking after the accounts, keeping records of the products and services delivered, the whole digital marketing segment, and of course everything falling in between.

We at Velarudh Infotech, will help you gain success by efficiently managing your business inside out.

Our Business Management Services module addresses the following:

Installing an easy to understand project management console:

Velarudh helps you gather all your files and project progress status in one place.
With easy and fast sharing options, and time management integration in effect; your projects get delivered as scheduled and intended.
We will build and provide you all the necessary softwares required to manage the ongoing projects. The team members will be working in full synchronisation, and all have the permission to access and initiate the changes.

So, you don’t have to get worried and keep asking the project coordinators about the status of a project.
Everything gets stored virtually, so that the work remains uninterrupted in your organisation.

Our project management softwares are developed, keeping a wide range of businesses in mind. Hence, you can stay calm and monitor your projects from anywhere!

If your business requires it, we can even build a customised project management software exclusively to tally with your business profile.

Developing a custom made CRM software to suit your business:

Your clients deserve transparency.
They must be able to watch over the work progress, and have the freedom to randomly manage what they have entrusted to you.

This is where the importance of CRM softwares remain undebatable.

Our CRM consultants will let you establish a firm relationship with your clients. The consultantswill guide you through the whole CRM implementation process, and will even give tutorials to your clients as the needs arise.

And when combined with our very own ERP tools, the whole business management experience will definitely leave you content and satisfied!

Managing your digital presence and Social Media Profiles:

Your business should have a well equipped digital presence.
That means, you need a professional Website with an equal importance given to social media profiles.

Velarudh has forever excelled in managing social media profiles and business websites. Our Digital Marketing Executives are highly skilled in approaching the right online profiles to connect you with.
The Digital world thrives on inter-connection among multiple businesses.

Your Digital Presence and Online Popularity will attract clients and investors.
And we offer complete Web hosting solutions.
In it is included Digital Marketing as well. Hence, the most modern businesses are able to dig out more ROI with our Digital Marketing solutions.

Helping you establish strong connections with Business Development Companies (BDCs):

Without proper and adequate funding, a business can never grow exponentially.

Business Development Companies invest in Small Cap companies, Start-Ups, and individual one man businesses, to help secure the future of growing organisations.

However; it is tremendously tiresome, and troublesome too, to get hold of the authentic Business Development Companies.

But, Velarudh already has several concurrent partnerships with popular BDCs and investors. If your business and project shows prospects, then we will definitely make those firms notice your profile.

Implementing your very own HRIS:

Human Resource is the most integral portion of a successful business story.
But, managing the whole Human Resource workflow can become a tedious and time consuming task.

This is why we continuously ask businesses to make use of HRIS (Human Resource Information Software).
These tools let the HR and the organisation flow towards the same direction without any mismanagement.

Does a new employee need briefing, and demo tutorials about the assigned projects? Or is it that the HR needs to approve leave requests and update the Salary sheet with the Accounts Department?
Everything falls in line, with an HRIS!

Based on your business needs, we will develop a custom HRIS. Our consultants will then implement the software, and give tutorials to the concerned employees.

Organising the Cost sheets and Accounts:

Our Business Management Services give special attention to the Accounts and Costing section.
We have previously helped businesses find CAs, Auditors, Tax-Filing Firms, and other documentation service providers.

It is quite understandable that managing those huge data and calculations, of Accounts, can never be marked as duck soup.

Not only do we let your business Costing and Accounting be handled by experienced professionals, but also we will provide you with the latest Account Management Softwares.
You can either select from popular Accounting Softwares, or let us develop a custom Accounting Software platform for you.
Whatever you choose, we will make sure that your burden is lightened!

Providing Cloud storage solutions for your Data:

Finally, no modern age business can survive without a decentralized Cloud Storage Solutions.

Our very own Cloud Hosting services will let you select your own Cloud Server type. You can either go for a Hybrid server, a Personal Server, or a Public Server.
Our Cloud infrastructure is powered by Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, DropBox, and iCloud. You can choose any one from them, to enter a public or hybrid server, if you want to share information with global clients and networks.
And if you want a personal server, for solely for your enterprise or a limited number of users; then we will give you a highly personalised Custom Cloud Solution.
You get your own server, with a promise of Zero-Loss Data Sync.

Countries, where you can get our business management services:

Velarudh Infotech is counted among the finest of Business and Brand Management Companies.

We have joined hands with multiple businesses in India, Australia, and Canada. Our services in India dates back to 2014; when we first developed our ERP-CRM and API softwares for exceptional brands like TATA, Kotak, Airports Authority Of India, and many more.

Since 2017, we have been working vigorously with clients from Australia and Canada. We have helped establish many Start-Ups and Business profiles successfully.

Velarudh Infotech will always remain a preferred result, for your searches regarding ‘Business Management Companies in India, Australia, and Canada’.

We only aim to exceed our own expectations in the future.
Get your free quote today for all the business management services that you need.
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