When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation, most of us don’t give much importance to Social Media Optimisation.
Post Facebook’s advent, Social media is the most dominating factor in making a well recognised online presence, either for yourself or your business.

And today, SMO (social media optimisation) has attached itself to SEO (Search engine Optimisation) so well, that one needs the other to function well.

Your social media contents will trigger a more robust SEO infrastructure. And, a more enhanced SEO will result in a wider audience for your social media profiles.

Velarudh watches over all these aspects, very minutely, to offer you an unparalleled SMO service.

How Velarudh takes control of your SMO project?

We at Velarudh believe in the 360 degree social media optimisation.

This typically includes a Facebook account and page, an Instagram business profile, a WhatsApp business number, a twitter account, and of course a Youtube channel.

All these social media platforms are equally necessary for your modern day digital business portfolio. However, you definitely have the freedom to build your own SMO portfolio with us.

What type of Social Media Optimised content will Velarudh deliver?

Each of the social media platforms demand different contents and promotion techniques. Even though it has now become very easy to synchronise social media platforms, among each other, still you have to keep them unique in their own ways.

We design contents, and optimise them based on the platform. Like for Instagram and Facebook, we rely more on quality images, and short meaningful videos. We also cross share the content on both the platforms.

For youtube, we are more interested in building strong and lengthy brand videos, that have the potential to run well on campaigns.
And, Twitter is treated very specially by us, as it is actually the best platform for sending newsletters, and keeping your followers updated with all of your latest brand infos.

Velarudh has an exclusive team of content strategists, who work continuously on finding out the trendiest hashtags, appropriate keywords; and curating throwback posts.

All of our social media contents are tailored suited to describe your business, its ethics, and purpose. We also ensure that the whole process of Social Media Optimisation is truly organic, and is bringing in authentic leads.

Does Velarudh believe in the use of Social Influencers?

Use of Social influencers actually don’t fall under the Social Media Optimisation criterion. However, for brands that are new and need a boost, we believe in promoting the content using social influencers.

Social influencers already have a huge fan base, and a steady traffic. If your contents get shared inn their profile, and your products or services are advertised by them, then you can hope to see some big rise in your channel’s traffic.

So yes, even though social influencers are not in actively in the game of Social Media Optimisation, still we do believe in promoting contents via their profiles for better audience reach.

Here are 6 pro-tips for Social Media Optimisation from Velarudh team:

Always use descriptions and hashtags for every post:

Every social media post is defined by descriptions and hashtags.
If you look carefully, then you can see all major bloggers, you-tubers and influencers use huge size descriptions and multiple hashtags for every single content they post.

Your descriptions and hashtags will let people find your content, make your content appear in popular search terms, and help your channels rank better.

Not to forget, Social medial channels do influence your website as well. Hence all the tweaks you make on your social media posts, will drive in. More traffic on your website.

Research the analytics:

Every social media platform will let you study your channel’s analytics. This data lets you understand your brand’s user personas, demographics, location preferences, best time to post contents, and which contents are performing and which are not!

At Velarudh, we have kept a distinguished group of Content analysts whose work is only to monitor the analytics. The reports they generate is forwarded to our content creators, who in turn will decide what future posts should be made.

We suggest that you should keep an occasional check on the analytics, and shape your contents accordingly.

Cross-share the contents:

Today, all social media platforms can be seamlessly interlinked, and cross-sharing is just a click away.
Never miss out on opportunities. That’s exactly what social media is all about.

What your website can’t do, your social media channels will do that. It is reaching people. Your website is your online address. But, your social media channels are your routes and roads. People will travel via these social media channels to reach your website.

Therefore, you can’t afford to neglect a single social media platform. For example, at Velarudh, we even encourage artists to publish their content on streaming services as well, like SoundCloud, Instagram music, Reverbnation, Pinterest, Reddit, and so on.

Cross-sharing contents is of great importance in Social Media Optimisation.

Get more social:

The name is social media.
It means building social networks with people of all backgrounds. This freedom of Social Media platforms, is what gives businesses the power to reach the whole world.

No matter how many contents you post, how often you post, or how well is your business running; you just need to be more social and active. There’s no limit to this part.

You should like and comment on other people’s posts, follow hashtags, and regularly reply and comment on your posts too.
To spill the truth, people only follow active users. Period!

Make use of paid promotions:

Social Media Optimisation is good. But, it is even better when paired up with paid promotions. Pick up the most engaged posts on your profile; and use them for ad campaigns.

Every social media platform offers businesses paid promotions. And, these promotions really work great for posts that already have a huge engagement rate.

Believe in re-shares:

Finally, throwbacks and re-shares are wonderful ways to get your channel fully optimised and engaged.

Often times you see, that Facebook or Instagram has come up with memories of your posts, which you shared months ago.

Re-share them. Engage with these posts once again, and see the magic. You can even keep the best posts displayed on story highlights.

In reality, the Social Media Optimisation rules are changing every day.
Contact with our team of experts, to get your dream social media portfolio started. Velarudh is always here to enhance your business more than you could think of.

Become our partner to know what difference you can make for your brand and business.