Every business requires back-bone solutions and service management to function efficiently, make profits, and satisfy their clients without any ‘Ifs or Buts’.

However for a business to accomplish its goals smoothly, it needs a round-the-clock support system that looks after all the aspects of business development.

Velarudh Infotech has helped multiple businesses reach their vertex of success by offering full throttle IT solutions, and opening them up to more capital gains and opportunities.

If you are looking for a Business Development Company, Business Solutions Provider, or a Business Consulting Firm, then you have hit the right spot by landing on our website.

Please run through the detailed list of our Business Development Services, as explained here.
For all further queries you can mail us directly, or call on the numbers displayed on the website.

Velarudh believes in long term trust and ‘Clients come first’ theory.
Our representatives and team of business solutions experts are more than eager to help you out with the right guidance and support!

Velarudh provides complete Business Development Solutions in India, Australia, and Canada:

With an efficient team of skilled personnels; we have been able to expand our services in the full Pan-India circle, Australia, Canada, and other European countries as well.

Our clients come from all walks of business, with a varied background of company size and holdings. We have provided total web hosting services for Telecom Companies, Human Resource and Recruitment Firms, Global Logistics brands and Buying Houses, and many popular E-Commerce platforms.

What makes us your choice of Business Development Company in Australia and Canada?

We provide full tech support for Website Localisation, and cloud server hosting. We have helped realise various ventures; including, but not limited to, Translation Networks, E-Education and Communication Systems, and Financial Services.

In defining your business, among the tough competition; you have to innovate your infrastructure, facilitate remote work load management, and be able to satisfy a wider clientele.
Keeping such points in mind, you must make use of the right management softwares, Cloud Server Localisation, and Staffing Solutions.
Along with these; you should also pay attention to potential Business Development Companies, as they help you with the proper funding for your projects to solidify your business’s growth.

And what we do is, we let your business connect to all the possible solutions you look out for.
Our Business network, Software solutions, and Digital Marketing Services are meant to expand your opportunities!

Because we are already in working terms with several companies in Australia and Canada; we can easily cater to your needs regarding total IT Solutions, if you want business support in these regions.

Why should you choose us for developing your business in India?

In 2014, we first laid our foundations as premium level surveillance system developers, and ERP-CRM deployers.

The clients, whom we have to our name, are Airports Authority of India, Kolkata Police, Apollo Hospitals, and many more.
Steadily we gained our reputation in East India, and were starting to serve a bigger business module spanning Pan-India.

Today, we are successfully covering Web and Cloud Hosting Services, and Digital Marketing Techniques. Instead of only satisfying the needs of Mid to Large Size companies; we have been listening to the wants of Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Initial stage Organisations and Individual business professionals.

We work to build Digital Profiles, Business Portfolios and Websites, Online Presence of retail outlets and delivery chains, and multi platform compatible Applications.

Plus we are well connected with all major Business Development Companies and Funding Institutions in India, who will help grow your business faster than you can imagine.
We work very closely with these Business Development Firms to help you maintain the budget of your business.

So, it doesn’t matter which state in India you belong from; our work is to connect you with the people and businesses, you need.

Get started with the Business Development process:

It’s very easy to work with us.
With an entirely Online Business Solutions infrastructure; you can actually track the changes we make, and monitor the project development in real time.

You get to trigger your opinions, and are also able to participate in the whole Business Development process with our team members.

Being a client, your decisions are valued more than anything else. Your business is built just the way you want it to be.

All the data is stored in our CRMs; and you will be granted permission to access your project files and documentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on board with us, and make your business a reality!