Sometimes businesses need sped-up results, deadline oriented marketing goals, and a higher engagement rate for certain posts or contents.
This is when the conventional methods of bringing organic traffic, using normal level Search Engine Optimisation, and Hashtag selection, might not satisfy the desired goals.

With Search Engines and Social Media Platforms becoming more lucid in identifying human ideas, sentiments, and queries; it is highly undesirable to refrain from using their campaigning algorithm to boost your business.

For a better understanding of how we help you to promote your business, and how our Digital Marketing service works, please go through this detailed outline.

Also for any further queries that you may have, you can straightaway mail us. Our representatives will surely answer your questions, and discuss in detail about your requirements.
Being a Digital Marketing Company, serving in India, Australia, and Canada, our online client support is open 24 hrs and all days of the week.

We build your online presence in the popular Search Engine traffic:

The first step for defining success, in Digital Marketing, is to have a stable Website with innovative content on display.
Our Content Experts and Proofreaders will evaluate the existing content and media on your website.

We will then make all the necessary changes; and, if required, will add new contents to make your website ‘marketing ready’.
Our designers and developers will also go through your website to give it a ‘low bounce rate’ status.

Before hitting the Marketing Campaigns or signing up your website on all the popular display networks, we will run SEO checks on your website. We will make sure that your website is organically optimised, on both On-Page and Off-Page basis.

Once the whole standard SEO check is complete, we will be forwarding the website to our Marketing Executives.

Next in line is the creation of Landing Pages:

Our Content and Designing team will build the landing pages, which we will use for the digital campaigns.
We will also be running Classified Ads with unique content and Link Building Details. All the visitors, engaging on your ads, will be transferred to these Landing Pages.
This is where the sales, transactions, and subscriptions take place.

Then, moves the campaign:

On the last note, our marketing executives will bid for the best keywords, and run your campaigns smoothly on several Ad networks.

Topping the list is Google Ads and Display Network, Amazon Affiliates, and so on.

Even though many Digital Marketing Firms include Social Media Campaigns within the broad ‘Digital Marketing’ phrase, but we love to assign it to a separate section.

Velarudh’s SocialMedia Marketing Services work wonders:

We always believe that the power of Social Media can exceed all other Digital Marketing and Promotion networks.

Social Media is a lot more user oriented, and has a higher real time engagement rate. You can see results as soon as your campaign is active.
For example; Instagram gives you the freedom to target hashtags, and focus on highly narrowed down Demographies and Locations.
Not only that, you can also monitor your ongoing campaigns and issue any changes.

Once you give us a Social Media Campaign Project to work with, we will use our creative minds to come up with high quality Graphic posts and videos.
Our work diversifies to Youtube Videos, IGTV, Reels, Clips, and everything included.

We use Profile Curation and Influencer Marketing techniques:

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, we leave no stones unturned.

Along with unleashing fully optimised campaigns; we also research on popular social media profiles, falling in your business niche.
We approach them and ask for collaboration posts, to promote your brand.
Also termed as Social Media Influencer marketing, we make total use of these techniques so as to bring in the maximum number of engagement possible.

SocialMedia Marketing is fast and depends on a constant rate of Content flow. We create regular contents and posts, and market them; so that your social profile is never falling behind!

We use Profile Curation and Influencer Marketing techniques:

At Velarudh, we have built our very own bulk messaging softwares, promotional EDM APIs, and Advertisement formats.

So be it you are worried about creating attractive digital flyers, or sending highly personalised promotional messages to multiple users; we have truly got hold of your needs,head-to-toe.

The softwares and tools, we use for brand promotion, enable us to make your services reach millions of potential customers.

For brand and business promotion; we use WhatsApp, Gmail, Tele-calling and Voice-process, and all popular social media messengers.

Instagram and WhatsApp always proved to be the most useful platforms for business promotions. And, we completely agree to it.

Velarudh always aspires to be a resourceful service provider. Don’t hesitate to message us your queries.

This post was meant to make you acquainted with our procedures of Digital Marketing, Brand Promotion, and Social Media Marketing.

Believe it has cleared some of your doubts, if not many!

See you on the next post! Cheers!