You think it’s an easy way to success, when you plan your big business and setup your own company or firm.

But, everything is not so predictable and feasible; as with time, situations start to change which alters the norms and standards of an existing business.

Adaptability becomes the most essential criterion for a business to survive harsh times and the rainy days! 

Something, very critical, was witnessed during the 2020 covid 19 pandemic. It was the switching of the business ‘modus operandi’.

The whole world faced an extended period of lockdown, when only a small percentage of the global population was stepping out of the house.

With this mandate on the go, businesses struggled to fulfil their targets and operate successfully.
In a single line, it won’t be wrong to say that Covid-19 completely changed the conventional functioning of businesses.

Being a part of this global dent, how should you progress with your business in 2021? In this post we will be revising some very crucial points, which every business owner needs to follow in order to increase their sales and cater to the needs of customers.

Go through this post to grow your business in 2021, by answering in affirmatives to the below mentioned questions.

Is your team ready to run remote?

After lockdown, we have made the most use of electronic and smart devices. Wifi connections in third world countries became a necessity, ERP-CRM softwares started to see an accelerated usage, and video conferencing gained popularity.

You need to take part in this progress. That’s the biggest business tip for 2021. You don’t know when the condition of the world health will turn upside down.
It is not about just running your business anymore at a real workspace anymore, it is rather about making your business and your employees run remote in a well connected virtual workspace.

  • So how to make your team go remote?

The number one requirement is to provide the employees with decent portable devices (like notebooks and tablets), and implementing a decentralised content upload and download management system.

Cloud computation and cloud storage will also play a very integral role, if you want to make your business function remotely. A true remote work atmosphere can only be created with virtual data storage spaces and cloud servers.

You need to choose your cloud server storage system, and structure your data management accordingly.

Another tool that you have to use is Drive sharing. You can easily take the Google Drive, or Microsoft Office Suite, and customise its services under your enterprise’s brand name. You will get customised mail addresses, equal drive storage services, and high quality data synchronisation.

Those are the best ways your business can run remotely, without any difficulty. And yes, don’t forget to facilitate internet network connectivity among your employees! Internet cost reimbursement, to your employees, do mean a lot!

Do you have your website? 

You simply can’t do anymore without a business website. We can’t expect to see crowd fairs, queues in front of a super market, or daily new customers at a bakery shop, or even regular customer visits at a grocery store anymore for at least the coming 2 years.

People are scared to leave their home, and they have very valid reasons for that.

So, quitting the physical world of communication, what alternative option do you have to host your business and give it a reachable address?

The answer is having your own business website.

The whole of Covid 19 pandemic saw businesses going mobile, with the help of a website. People can access them from anywhere and anytime.

The ease of access and reachability of a business website is far more increased, than your business itself.

It doesn’t matter anymore, whether or not you have a physical address of your business in the age of internet. In fact you can actually do without a conventional brick-and-mortar structure, if you have a fully functional business website.

Your customers search you on the internet, purchase your products on your official website, take your services online, and even pay you online! This freedom is only possible through a website.

  • Some tips for creating your website:

We have previously discussed about how to build a good business website. You need to deploy a light weight user experience, but with optimum efficacy.

Users like to see a website that looks attractive, is faster to load, and contains the desired amount of information and services.

If you want to build your custom business website, then you can choose an experienced Web App Development Company.

They will create your website, according to your specifications.

It’s always better to build your custom website, or web app. That way, you get to give your users an intended experience.

Are you using social media channels?

On top of having your website, you should also prioritise the wings of your website. 

The wings are the social media channels, that link back to your main official website.

In this post, we have talked extensively about why Social Media Platforms are important.

To build your business in 2021, social media profiles are very integral and necessary.

They give you a better audience reach, and digital marketing is a lot simpler on social media.

Currently, all major social media platforms have their own ad campaign structures, which you can use to create and run promotional Ads based on your preferences.

Social media is truly the best way you can connect with more number of leads, and expand your fan base.

Are your products reaching your customers?

The more remote you go, the smoother should be the delivery process of your products and services.

Say for example, you are running your E commerce website, and have listed all the products over there.

When a customer buys the product, you should be ready ASAP to ship it. Therefore, importance must be given to the Logistics chain.

These days, it is always better to pair up with top Delivery service providers. It’s better to outsource your shipment and deliveries.

Sometimes the cost of handling delivery manually, for small businesses, can cross the price tag of getting your shipments outsourced.

Not only that, shipment tracking will also play a big role. Enabling a tight multimedia delivery tracking system for your customers, will keep your business ahead in terms of overall user experience and satisfaction.

Do you have enough reasons to stick on to your goals?

But, Covid 19 has done enough damage to the world. People are still skeptic about the actual nature of threat this disease poses.

We still don’t know what is awaiting us with each season-change. So, you should be ready to tackle every situation that you have to face.

Successfully growing your business in 2021 demands you to be strong, and steady with your goals.

You can’t afford to just dream about running any random business. The chance of success by only relying on chances, has become very thin!

This is the moral part of the story, where you will taught the same old square one material. Do what you love to do the most!

Stay consistent on your projects and deadlines. Uncertainty still looms on us. No matter whatever business profile you choose, you should always be focused on remote work management, and online transactions.

Is your business having a back-up plan?

The final section of this post can not go without addressing the danger factor of an Economy in turmoil.

Businesses are changing. Companies are taking up on different projects, and can anytime switch their business profile if needed.

Garment manufacturers, during the pandemic, started to produce masks and medical accessories.

FMCG companies added Sanitiser manufacturing, and hand washes to their top products list.

Similarly, your business should have a back plan as well. ‘If this product/service don’t work out, then how can I switch to a different product folio’ and such!

A funny example is, assuming you are selling shoes, and the current consumers demand Latex leg shields; then you should be shifting to making leg shields and cut down on the shoe production.

Velarudh’s business development services have helped business stand up on their feet, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

It is your choice to transition your business into having its own unique digital presence.

Go through the above points once again, and drop down your queries below.

Our Business development experts will get back to you.

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Stay happy and all the luck for growing your business in 2021 and then on!