Given the current marketing trend, you should be giving internet a big priority for connecting with a bigger audience.

Digital marketing is the present and the future, for all the businesses that want to survive in this internet oriented world.

Post Covid 19 pandemic, digital marketing has become more important than ever. Every single business, out there, is now experimenting with so many lucrative ideas to grow online.

The competition is tough, when businesses are working to over-shadow one another.

The only way, for your business to have its own popular identity, is playing along with the tunes of Search Engine Optimisation.

Why SEO is important? 

Well it is a basic protocol that your business website must align well with the Search Engine’s record keeping formulas.

SEO is the bridge that helps a Search Engine to effectively reach your website, gather information from it, and then bring your website up in front of interested and relevant web traffic.

That all sounds a bit complicated? Well that’s why we have this post here: to help you understand why SEO is important for building your business’s digital/online presence, in easy words.

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And now;

SEO is important for building digital presence because:

SEO helps to create highly appropriate contents:

When you are doing Search Engine Optimisation, for your website, you need to abide by some very stringent rules and SEO ethics.

The first rule is delivering highly polished Search Engine Optimised web contents and articles for your websites. Without content, you can’t broaden the scope of the SEO work!

You can easily come up with as many contents you want; but if they are not SEO based, then your website is never growing even if it gets fatten up with contents.

SEO content rules are very simple. They simply state that a content must answer directly and appropriately to the pains and demands of the web traffic.

This is, to be honest, what SEO is all about.

It is increasing the visibility of your website, with the help of web content relevancy.

Now, a content can be anything! It can be a single piece of textual information- like a blog, or a video file, or plain images.

Whatever gets displayed, on your website, is a piece of information and a content.

For text-written content, you can easily add relevant keywords and optimise it for Search Engines. On the other hand, the problem is optimising the media contents.

If you are following the SEO rules, then you should be using text format transcripts and alt texts for each of your media contents. 

That ensures the fittings of right keywords; which enable a Search Engine to index your media files, by text/code crawling, as it does for all other text based web contents on your website!

This is why SEO is important. The simple knowledge, of SEO rules, helps you to come up with quality web content.

It is only with the help of exemplary content, can your business have a saturated digital presence. This takes us to our next point.

Your website gets its own unique fanbase with SEO:

SEO believes in consistency. It is not just a one time affair for your website, when you are doing Search Engine Optimisation.

The results grow steadily, and you get to see the returns in the times yet to come. To keep one fact in mind- SEO is permanent. 

Today you create a well optimised content, which contains all the necessary keywords that matches the demand of a visitor and the supply of your business website.

Tomorrow when a person searches on the internet, for a service or product that your business offers; then the Search Engine will show up your website, to that person, as a suitable and relevant web result.

This process gets continuously repeated when you are building your website on the foundations of SEO.

Unlike in PPC (Pay Per Click), where you pay for an advertisement that only has a temporary life; SEO gives you unlimited power to reach the right customers and clients for free, and that too for ever.

Your SEO contents are going no where, and your website is going no where! Do the Search Engine Optimisation, for your website, like it is a long term low cost investment that will yield high growth in the future.

And that’s also a big reason why SEO always prowls heavy on PPC, in the SEO vs PPC game! When it comes to creating a dedicated fanbase of your business, spanning over a long period of web visibility, nothing can beat the prowess of SEO.

This brings us to the final point.

SEO decreases the risk of increasing haters:

With paid promotions and digital marketing Ad campaigns, you will for sure hit a wide group of audiences.

If you have correctly built the ad campaigns, then you will also get a big chunk of positive click-throughs on those PPC campaigns.

However, increasing a dedicated fanbase through PPC only, is only possible in a small percentage. The biggest draw back of paid promotion is that it involves money. As long as you fund your Ads, your website gets visitors.

And only when your Ads are astounding, will they create lasting impressions on your audience.

SEO, in comparison to PPC, is not entirely money driven; and primarily involves time taking research work, and the perfection in creating well optimised web contents.

In paid promotions or push-marketing, the risk of getting rejected, by a huge number of the web traffic, is pretty high!

Even you, probably, is a live example of that! Just count, how many times you have skipped Ads on internet?!

Ads getting skipped, irrelevant landings, and wrong page visits, will only increase the bounce rate of your website!

With SEO, you don’t have to fear these redundancies.

Majority of the visitors will land, on your website, on purpose! That’s so, because the job of SEO is to match up queries and results!

And, with that being said, we have reached to the end of this post.

Guess, there’s no additional fact-sourced conclusion required, to help you answer why SEO is important.

Go through the above points, once again, to realise how SEO increases your website’s digital presence.

Taking the leave, as of now, to see you again on the next post!

Stay tuned!