Before we begin with this article, there’s one necessary point we must address. The whole of 2020 went in battling the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. 

Several businesses went askew, lost their capital, and suffered heavy losses.

Economy had to adjust itself once again, and surviving businesses had to undergo some extreme transformations.

Businesses are now forced to execute most of their functions over the internet. Those local businesses that didn’t have a website, have now started to make use of online presence so as to continue with their business operations.

Due to these changes, web design has become a fundamental subject of experimentation. Covid 19 has increased the importance of Digital Marketing; and believe it or not, every business must now have a website of its own so as to exist!

The modern web design trends of 2021 have already started to reflect the mass appreciation and acceptance of the internet.

Wonderful business websites are now getting created in millions, every day! Web developers and UX/UI designers are coming up with all new innovative ideas to build the most outstanding websites that they can make.

And here, Velarudh has been watching very closely this rise and rise of website development since Covid 19 first hit the world.

We, like many other IT solutions company, understood that the future of web design is going to change with this pandemic.

The Web competition will increase, and businesses will now ‘have to have’ unique and extraordinary online presence of their own, to beat the competition and excel on their own grounds.

So, why wait any further? Let’s monitor the web design trends of 2021, and get a glimpse of the Web Future!

Do drop your thoughts below, and also any other vital points that you want to add to this topic. To remember, the internet includes all of us! And, the web design trends will affect you too, if you want to have a website of your own.

Hence, your views matter a lot and will do make a difference!

Web design trend in 2021 will show high definition parallaxes, and motion graphics:

Amidst the 2020 pandemic, several companies came up with innovative software and technology products.

We saw updates in web app frameworks, and graphics designing tools. Like Google’s Angular switching to TypeScript!

We have also witnessed the launch of new processors and upgraded devices. Like for example the Apple M1 chip!

With all these awesome creative tools and devices, in hand, businesses are not shy to explore more in the web development process.

This specific web design trend in 2021 will make us fall before high definition graphics, visual effects, parallax scrolling, motion graphics, and multimedia content.

The moment you land on a website, it won’t look like a normal website anymore. 

Websites are going to have its own space, where you can get immersed in. Even just scrolling up and down will make you feel- as if a full throttle visual experience is taking place on your screen!

Every website is now a movie! Not just any normal movie! A high definition 3D movie!

And, to add to that, we are also having embedded AR experience. All these together will now make a website so strong, that to build a recognised online presence you must invest adequate amount of time, labour and money.

Single page web apps and associated social media channels are on the move:

Post 2020 pandemic, every business is entering the internet spectrum. Most of the new comers, to join the digital movement, are small scale local businesses who did not give much priority to websites before 2020 lockdown.

Now maximum number of these small business units just want to expand into e-commerce, or enable digital transactions of products and services.

And, this is the reason why these business are busy developing single page E-commerce web apps, instead of a conventional website.

The Web future is about to display a very interesting statistic. It is the rising graph of single page web apps!

With single page web apps you are getting several perks. They include faster loading times, high cross-platform device compatibility, and more ease in converting visitors to leads.

More competition in terms of visibility:

But nonetheless; with more businesses having their own website, the rush to excel in each other’s respective client base will increase.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has now started to play an even bigger role than before. The web design trends of 2021 are providing us with more evidence that SEO is integral.

SEO friendly web design techniques will be followed more by businesses; as new generation of web app developers is on the rise, and so is the creative IT sector of UX/UI and Content innovation.

When all merged together, websites will get better visibility and visitors will have a more satisfying User Experience.

Data has met Curation!

Irrelevant ‘search query – results’ matches are decreasing gradually. We already witness auto curated advertisements that tally with our exact demands.

‘This’ Data processing, with the efficacy of Search Engine Optimisation, will make websites achieve neural level machine learning capabilities.

Websites will now understand you, and businesses will deliver personalised services. A more binding between the visitor and a website is being observed.

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