There has been a rapid growth of digitization in the business industry following the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. In the face of a global lockdown, customers were more inclined to spend a considerable amount of time online. This is when even traditional businesses decided to bring their business online. As more businesses invest in a digital transformation the competition keeps getting stronger.

As several businesses engage in the fight for online attention, every digital marketer needs to up their marketing game to stay relevant in the digital space. The trick is to always put your customers first. To ace the digital marketing game, you need to come up with an efficient marketing strategy that is customer-centric.

Here are three things that you need to include in your strategy to ace the marketing game in the digital space.


Customer personalization is every marketer’s secret weapon, that is no longer a secret. It is needless to say that every individual prefers to be treated as a unique customer, know their preferences, and cater accordingly.

Personalization helps to form the core of the customer-brand relationship and promotes customer engagement. Customizing a user’s page according to their preferences can help to bridge the gap between their online presence and in-store interactions. Marketers need to understand this and personalize their experience at every level.

Personalization can be done in very simple ways, the easiest way is by referencing the customer by their first name or their last name, preferably by their first name. For example, a notification or an email that is addressed to “Valued Customer” may never be opened, whereas the same content addressed to “John” has a higher likelihood of being opened. You can also give them personalized offers or discounts, depending on their spending habits.

Records show that personalization has the potential to increase sales by 10% and deliver up to eight times the ROI on marketing spends. This goes to show that leveraging personalization can help to establish a strong connection with the customers by offering them an exquisite user experience.

Keeping up with the trends

Since the digital space has so much to offer to its visitors, it is important to stand out and keep up with the times. Customers online are always looking for what’s new and current.

From the products or the services that you offer to the design of your website, every single thing should be taken into consideration to create an efficient digital marketing strategy.

For exam in the wake of the pandemic, masks have become a permanent accessory for every individual. Following suit of the many successful independent mask companies, even the larger brands started to advertise and sell masks on their websites. Some companies even offered to customize the fabric, choose the color or print and even add your initials.

Adapt and improvise

Despite you doing everything correctly and following all of the instructions to the dot, the online crowd is fickle and can be hard to please at times. In times like these, it is important to adapt and improvise. The digital transformation that the world saw in the aftermath of the pandemic, has been eye-opening. Businesses have been forced to unlearn and relearn new ways to incorporate digital space into their strategies. It has further highlighted the need to focus on the needs and requirements of the customers.