Cloud Computing is becoming very much popular nowadays that all major enterprises in the world like Google Inc, Amazon Inc, IBM, Microsoft etc. have started providing custom cloud computing solutions.
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Below are listed top 10 key benefits of Cloud Computing:

Low Capital expenditure

The pay model in cloud computing is paying for what you use.This means there is very less upfront capital expenditure.This pay structure helps to cut business expenses drastically.

Disaster recovery

As the data and important files & documents are stored and backed up in cloud drives then in case of any large scale hardware failure or system being hacked or some virus attack led to the system and hard disc format, you data is secure in cloud database which you can access, download and restore on any device.

Remote access

I think one of the best features provided by cloud computing, remote access meaning access data and files from any location. It gives employees the flexibility to work even from home if they are unable to reach office.


Cloud network solution providers invest huge money each year on their infrastructure to ensure full security and reliability. Data stored in local servers and computers are prone to security attacks. In Cloud Computing, there are very few loose ends.


A good feature of cloud computing is bandwidth flexibility. The IT companies or enterprise that have fluctuating bandwidth demands need the flexibility of Cloud Computing. If your business needs high bandwidth, you can scale up your cloud capacity. This type of agility can provide all businesses using cloud computing solution a real advantage over others.


The cloud computing network is spread across the globe with secure data servers in almost every major countries of the world. Their infrastructure is updated on a regular basis to keep their servers secure and up to date with the latest technology available in the market.

Data Protection

More and more corporate data is managed across smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Cloud-based data solutions enable you to maintain a backup of your data in a central database which ensures data safety even if you lose these devices.

Data Backup

Once you have updated your preference for the cloud data backup, you don’t have to think about the backup of the data anymore, because your data will be automatically synced and backed up.


Cloud computing makes data backup, data recovery, and business continuation much easier and less expensive.


Cloud computing solutions for business leads to an increased in efficiency, services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in minutes.