As an individual company, business or enterprise you should really need to be aware of your total IT environment/ computer hardware functionality, and this includes your system’s hard disc data storage and backup for instance, if you do not know what are the procedure or steps that you need to do to your computer’s data backup and storage than you are going to run into grave situation if any faults ever happen to your system hardware.
For instance, what happens if you are working on something and all of a sudden you download and install a corrupt software which has a malicious virus and it corrupts your system, or your computer decides to restart itself for whatever reason?
Many times this will happen, especially if your computer has a virus (example-trojan), and for the majority of the time if this happens your work will not be saved and even they will corrupt your personal data and would ask for a huge ransom to give back your files as you may have seen in recent times especially Wanna Cry Ransomware. This is where cloud storage and backup of data comes into play.

What is Cloud Storage and backup?

Normally data backup storage is a place i.e. drive on your computer system that is there to store your docs and files so that they don’t get lost, even if there is a sudden shutdown or system failure of the computer; but in case of cloud data backup and storage your data is backed up and hosted on cloud servers unlike normal data backup here you can access the data from any location and from any device you like, this way, once you are able to turn your computer back on, you can login into the cloud storage drive and you will be able to download the files that otherwise would have long gone.

In the computer industry, large companies use a third party cloud storage platform to backup copies of their data and software in case of a large scale computer malfunctions and virus attack. Nowadays with the progression of the internet and increased bandwidth capabilities there are small and large companies and even household users, that have required similar cloud storage services and many  cloud storage and backup companies have emerged all over the internet that will allow you to upload your data that you want and store those files until you need to restore at some point of time.