Hello Friends, we all know what its GMB and its use. So escaping unnecessary introduction lets come and discuss some ever green trick to improve your listing.

1) GMB Business description must be LONG and UNIQUE


You must add a unique and long description in your GMB. It should be formatted correctly.

Mention your Website Brand Name, Service and Contacts information.


Don’t put any unnecessary, irrelevant or keyword stuffing description . Keep it simple and it must look natural .

2) Category choice must be relevant or most appropriate


Choosing the right category for your business is most important. You can add more than 1 category but that does not mean you go irrelevant. Proper category will help you to rank for your service in your locality.

For example if you are a plumber and looking for new business in your local area, you will need to select your category as “Plumber” rather than a more general category like “Construction Company”.

3)Upload as many relevant photos as you can

You profile and cover photo must be a high resolution one. You must upload your team photo, your place ( Indoor and outdoor). If possible a 360 Degree photo.

If you add these images it will bring trust factor for your business. Customers always want to know who you are and what you are dealing with.

4)  Add a local phone number to your listing

Must add a phone no. that searchers can call you immediately from their searching device.


5)  Add your business address properly

Use same business address which is mentioned in your website and other local directories. Because NAP ( Name, Address, phone no) should be consistent throughout the web and this is a vital trust factor for google.


6) Add your opening times/days

You must mentioned it properly the opening time and dates. You listing will appear during that period. This is important for the customers what’s to visit your physical store location.


7) Get real reviews from customers

It’s important that you get real reviews from real customers.

If you simply create profiles to give yourself fake reviews, Google will flag your listing and even remove it. Google tracks reviews using the IP, device and location of users who add them.