Things to Know For Becoming A Web Developer


Are you feeling a bit lost when someone says you need to learn a bit programming for web development, like HTML?
Well, actually it is very easy to learn and understand.
HTML is the easiest computer programming language to learn. Now, when you suppose to write a letter to someone, there are things you add at the start and end (such as at the start their address, the date, and at the end your name and signature). Between these items, you write the body of the letter.

What is HTML and HTML5, html5, html, learn html

Well, in a few ways, the fundamentals of HTML is virtually identical.
For HTML tutorials refer here:


The Cascading Style Sheets is a stylesheet term used to spell it out the presentation of a doc file written in a markup terms like HTML and XML. It can be used to allow visitors of web pages to identify colors, fonts, design and other areas of objects present on that web page.
CSS has a straightforward syntax and uses English keywords to designate the names of varied style properties. For the beginner, it’s very easy to comprehend.

CSS Cascading Style Sheet, CSS

A CSS stylesheet includes a couple of rules. Each guideline or rule-set involves a number of selectors and a declaration block. A declaration block contains a set of semicolon-terminated declarations in curly brackets. Each declaration itself contains a house, a colon (:), a value, a semi-colon (;).
I would recommend you to visit, where you can acquire a good understanding of this language.


JavaScript is a scripting language and it has no similarity to Java Programming, in fact, Java is much more complicated. Small Java programs called scripts can be incorporated within the HTML of a web page. JavaScript is an object-oriented language with prototypal inheritance.
There are thousands of Java Scripts freely available for downloading. These range from Drop Down menus to Snow Effects, from Mouse-over Effects to Digital Real-Time Clocks.


Java Scripts are useful for introducing limited animation to your web pages without the download times associated with Macromedia Flash animations. Your page tracking and Google Adsense tracking also use Java Scripts.
JavaScript is a very dynamic programming language.
Visit tutorials Point to enlighten yourself about JavaScript:
Well for a beginner that’s all you have to know for developing a static website.

For Advance Web Developer You need to know these things to create dynamic websites:

Things to learn to be a web developer, web developer, web development

*PHP *Python *Jquery *Nodejs *Angularjs *EMMET *HTML Canvas

After learning all of these you can opt for MEAN STACK or FULL STACK Developer, Front End or Back End Developers.