iPhone iOS or Google Android OS

There is always as been a confusion about the smartphones is that when we are actually going to buy a smartphone we cannot decide which phone and which operating system to use Android OS or iOS. This confusion has begun a few years ago when Android and iPhone entered the market and the craze for conventional multimedia mobile phones begin to fall and people started taking interest in the new generation mobile phones i.e Smartphones.

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Two of the biggest name in the smartphone circuit is the Apple iPhone and Android phone whose OS is powered by Google. People when going to buy a smartphone they are confused which one to opt for iPhone or Android?. As iPhones are bit expensive so majority people lean towards budgeted Android smartphone.
So here we’re focusing on few points on “Which Phone Should You Buy iPhone or ANDROID?

UI and UX of both the Both and OS

Coming to the UI UX both the OS providers have looked exclusively into their user experience and user interface segments. For Android devices, the UI and UX to some extent depend on the manufacturer of the phone as because there so many Android phone manufacturers in the market, some provide quality services and some below average. Whereas in case of iPhone there is only one maker and it’s Apple. They have the reputation of providing top class service to their customers.
Here iPhone has an advantage over Android Phones.

APPS Availability

As Android has the most number of users in the world, Android developers have done an excellent job of providing ample of available apps in the Google play store for each and every category you can find in the play store. Now coming to iPhone App Store, it was said before that Apple iPhone’s app store is lagging behind Android in terms of the number of apps available in their app store but now it is totally different as the available apps in APP Store are on par with Play Store.
The number of Android Apps present in Google Play Store is 3,052,731 as of MAY 2017 and 2,200,000 apps in Apple APP Store as of MAY 2017.
So we have a tie here.


As we know that the price of Apple iPhones is damn too high but in spite of that they have sold out over 1 billion+ iPhones till date.
Whereas Android is available in all budget segments that everyone can opt for and this is the primary reason that Android smartphones are the leading mobile phones in terms of the number of users i.e. 1.4 billion+ as stated by Google.
Here I’m not going to compare as budget depends on each individual.

OS and Software updates

In case of Android devices, updates are usually roll out by Google but not everyone doesn’t get the update notification.The scenario is that Android phones are manufactured by so many vendors and each vendor provides their custom hardware in the phones with the latest Operating System but here is the catch, you will see that Android phones ranging from 5k to 50k have the same OS versions and when updates are rolled out only a definite segment of phone receives the update why? Because the hardware requirement for the update does not match for the majority of the low budgeted Android phones. In case of iPhone, there is only one manufacturer and Apple takes care of iPhone’s hardware and when it rolls out a new software update all the users get it each time without any issue.
Here would like to call it as a tie because only a hand full of low budgeted phone have issues in receiving the OS updates of Android.
So I mention some basic points on “Which Phone Should You Buy iPhone or ANDROID“, I hope my discussion has made it clear about iPhones and Andriod phones confusion.