Difference between Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Public Cloud technology is based on cloud computing platform, in which the cloud networking service providers(such as Amazon AWS, Alibabacloud) makes the resources open to anyone that can pay for their varied services such as access to virtual computers or cloud storage.
private cloud vs public cloud difference
>Here pay model is pay per usage.
>These are ideal for small and medium sized businesses or businesses that have fluctuating demands.
>This type of cloud environment is appealing to many companies because it reduces lead times in testing and deploying new products.
>Many businesses worry about their data security when using the public cloud, data breach in cloud computing is difficult.

Private Cloud

On the other hand, private cloud is the type of cloud computing where the features provided same as given by public cloud but the catch is that the service is confined to a single organization only not for the general public.
hybrid cloud computing
>In simple words, infrastructure is deployed and operated exclusively for an organization or enterprise. Here you have to pay for the whole setup.
>It provides greater levels of reliability and security, making it ideal for larger businesses or those with strict data, regulation and governance obligations.
>All cloud configurations are controlled by the organization.
>Private cloud ensures greater levels of security.


The essential difference between public and private cloud infrastructure lies in who owns and manages the underlying physical infrastructure.