Web design is for developers!


Web design is for graphics designers!


Web design is for programmers!

Nah, Nah!

“Web design is for all, who are a part of the IT!”

Every digital marketer might face a very strange question, in their career and profession. It is, whether or not, they should learn a few tidbits of web design techniques!

Well, here is Velarudh back again with another very interesting topic of discussion!

This post will wrap around the future of web design, and how should a digital marketer prepare to embrace it!

We believe, if you are in Sales and Marketing, then you should know in detail what ‘exactly’ you are marketing!

Hence, for a Digital Marketer, it is very important to know those web design techniques that’ll make the marketing campaigns sail more smoothly; and all those changes, in the web designs, which can result into higher user traffic and sales!

Most of all, if you have a rough idea of modern age web design development techniques; then you can directly co-ordinate with the web developers, for a better amalgamation of ideas to make the best marketable website!

All digital marketing executives should learn about website wings:

A website is there. Say it exists! Good and Dandy! Sitting stagnant on the online fabric of Internet!

But it needs to fly! It can’t stay static! It has to spread its wings and fly off, from people to people; spreading out messages, news, PRs, illustrative posts, flyers, previews, and what not! Otherwise, people won’t get to know about this certain website.

If it can’t fly, then it will only be able to reach out to a few number of potential audiences!

This is why social media is important

If you are a digital marketer, then you must know by now that how a social media channel can outrun a website any day!

All those little channels and pages on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube and so on; are the wings of your website.

To maintain the perfect website wing balance,

Here’s the skill set required:

  • You need to tally the social media channel’s feel, with the website’s feel. 
    If the website is dealing in Smart appliances, and the social media channel is full of motivational quotes and science memes; then the website-social media bonding is done with!
    The social media channel must replicate the website, and vice versa; unless otherwise intended.

  •  Ensure that every post on social media links to the website, and the website itself has good interlinking structure. 
    The internet is a mixture of networks and connections, established via links! Being a digital marketer, it’s your job to look after this strong meshwork, for every marketing project you handle. 

A digital marketer needs to pair content intention and visitor demands:

Web content is a vast field to explore. Content fills up a huge portion of the website. Hence, you have to understand the content, displayed on the website, to successfully attract the right visitors.

Here’s the skill set required:

  • For every content, going live on the website, there is a fan base. As a marketer, you have to go through the content, and point out the intents.
    The style of the content, the language syntaxes, and the subject itself will straight away give you the picture of the right audience.

  • From social media posts, and past engagement rates, you will get to know about the visitor’s demands.
    Once the demands are clear, you will then forward the data to the content creation team; who will then develop contents accordingly.

You can very well see that the web design future is aiming towards a perfect fitting of Content intent, and Visitor demands.

If this notion is addressed, then a website is bound to progress; and the marketing will get easier.

The future of web design demands every digital marketer to be artistically flexible:

Programming languages are transfiguring themselves to become their better versions.

With so many awesome web app design frameworks, developers are having the power to do limitless experimentation on website development!

Web design is an Art! An website is created by a group of artists! 
The programmers build the strong back end, to help the front-end developers create a smooth UI and UX.
The content creators and graphic designers decorate the webpages with blogs, articles, info-graphics, videos, and other interesting media files.

And you as a marketer, will have to admire the brilliant work; and then make it reach out to people for recognition! 
Believe or not, your job is one of the toughest. 

The future of web design demands a marketer to be open to ideas and atypical web designs. The websites are going to become more dynamic, more realistic, and more contemporary in the near days!

Here’s the skill set required:

  • Be flexible enough to market absurd websites, to the craziest of audiences.
    Suppose you are about to run a marketing campaign for a single page music streaming website. Then you must know what music attracts what type of visitors, and how to create the respective landing pages for each of the campaigns!

  • Understand all these varied number of websites, and create social media channels accordingly.
    This is again a part of Website Winging. (Explained at the top)*
    For a marketer, handling social media accounts is a must have skill.
    As the future of web design shows: you have to ramp up social profiles based on the website’s look and feel.
    The visitors should never stumble, while making the transition from a social media post to a website.

So, that’s all for this post!Hope you enjoyed going through this article, and found this useful as a digital marketer yourself