Day by day mobile phone users are increasing in huge numbers and people are favoring mobile to desktop for surfing the internet. In a recent survey done by a popular website, they found out that around 70% of people are spending most of their time on their mobile devices.
They are either playing games, using social media, using for entertainment, surfing the internet etc.   In 2016, according to Google the total number of Android Mobile Phone users stood at 1.4 Billion+ and 300 Million+ in India only.

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And on the other hand, Apple’s iPhone is not that behind as stated by AppleInsider Apple iPhone user has crossed the 1 Billion mark worldwide.

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The number of iPhone and Android users is soaring high and you as a business should leverage the power and reach provided by the apps of both mobile operating system.

Here are some top reasons to develop APPS for your Business Website:

1. Ease of Sending notification

At earlier times, email market was only the medium for entrepreneurs and business owners to send any sort of notifications. But as more and more mobile users are on the rise email market is losing its significance and many business organizations are looking forward to developing mobile apps to send push and in-app notifications. You can effectively use the push and in-app notification features to improve your marketing.

2. Reaching more customers

There are approx 1.4 Billion+ Andriod and 1 Billion+ iPhone users, so developing an Android or an iOS app can give you an approx reach of 1 Billion users and millions of target users.

3. For Promotional Purposes

As I mentioned earlier, using apps one can send push notifications to its users, nowadays especially e-commerce and news websites exploit this feature and send their promotional offers through this channel and the click through rate from this promotional notifications is damn too high, and you sure can’t afford to lose this opportunity!

4.  Generate Revenue

Yes, you saw it right you can generate revenue from the app in many ways! With your promotional notifications, you can certainly generate some good sales or you can opt for Google AdSense and display ads on your apps.

5. Improve Customer Engagements

If your business is local or service oriented then you can improve your customer engagement and retention by allowing them to connect with your business through the app and let them send their queries about your service and you can provide them with the right solution to their problems or queries and you can retain more customers.
So, there are many good reasons why should you develop apps in order to grow your business. Building good interactive apps can help you to “Stand out from your competitors” and you can provide some value to your customers.