Difference Between Analog and Digital CCTV Camera

The main difference between Analog and Digital CCTV camera is how the video footages are being encoded and transmitted. Analog records the video in a format that can be received by a television or other receivers such as a VCR or monitor.
Whereas digital cctv camera which is also called IP camera has an on board web server which helps it to transmit video signal via a wireless medium to any monitor or even smartphones. Image quality is also an important metric here.
The analog camera has 2 megapixels in resolution whereas IP cameras currently go up to 5 megapixels in resolution.

Analog Surveillance System Camera

analog cctv camera

1.You need to change the storage tape every day and need to have storage drives to back the videos.
2.When you copy or record over tapes the picture quality degrades, so you’ll need to replace them.
3.An analog surveillance camera and a VCR record footages from each camera in turn.
4.CCTV footages from the analog camera are stored in physical drives.
5.Image pixelation is low in the case for analog cctv camera.

Digital Surveillance System Camera

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1.Store as many recordings, from as many cameras, as you want. You’re only limited by the size of the data storage on your computer or server.
2.Image quality is superior and doesn’t degrade over multiple copies or time, and it’s cheap to copy data to CDs to pass information around.
3.Digital CCTV recorders, or DCRs record up to 100 images per second, and can record simultaneously from each camera.

Reasons why Digital CCTV Camera is superior to Analog CCTV Camera are:

>>HD Picture Quality
>>Video Analytics
>>Remote Access
>>Wireless System

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Image quality: Poor
Data: stores video footages on a physical drive or tapes
Video quality: Video quality degrades


Image quality: Excellent
Data: Stores data on the cloud server
Video quality: Video quality remains the same